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Loob pensel

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Pensel for smøring av tastaturbrytere.

Engelsk beskrivelse:

The 'loob brush' is a collaboration between loob.no and a family-owned brushmaker in the UK, who have been making brushes since just after the first world war.

The handle is made from solid, FSC-certified birch wood, lacquered in Loob's signature green. Standard artist brushes are designed for long, controlled strokes, and as such their handle is usually too long and unwieldy for lubing switches comfortably. We shortened the handle to 13cm, which gives the user finer control over a shorter area, while still being long enough to support larger hands.

Thanks to feedback from the community, it was decided that the optimal size and shape of a lubing brush is around 2mm wide, with a flat head. This is just about right for lubing a switch stem in a single stroke, but not too large, so as not to get in the way of more delicate work. The flat head prevents excessive splay and discourages accidental over-lubing. A new 1mm size is now also available for more delicate work.

The bristles are made from PBT instead of standard acrylic fibres, which makes them both vegan-friendly and compatible with the lubricants and solvents most commonly used in the keyboard community.

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