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BDZ smøremiddel for stabilisatorer

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Smøremiddel til blandt annet tastaturbrytere. Loob.no har gjennom sin butikk tilbudt høykvalitets smøremidler og oljer til det norske markedet. Produktene er nøye porsjonert, og alle midlene har tilhørende sikkerhetsskjemaer som inneholder informasjon om hvordan de skal brukes.

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Beskrivelse på engelsk (norsk beskrivelse kommer etterhvert): 

best key stabiliser lubricant available today. It is softer than both 205g2 and dielectric grease, which makes it easy to apply. This grease has twice the flow resistance of the highest available GPL grade, which means it will cling to your stabilisers like a dream.

Unlike dielectric grease, which is designed to seal and insulate, BDZ is designed primarily to lubricate, leading to a smooth and satisfying stabilised key action.

This product is NLGI grade 1.5, and it has the consistency of raw meringue. It is perfect for stabiliser wires and any moving parts which rattle. It is not recommended for stems or springs, due to its very high viscosity. It uses a high-efficiency thickener, with very low molecular weight, which can benefit the acoustic properties of the grease when in use.

Outside of mechanical keyboards, this grease is often used for high-temperature applications, thanks to its special heat-resistant formulation. This may be an advantage if you can type so fast that your spacebar is literally on fire.

Another more useful advantage is that this product can be removed without plastic-intolerant chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol, which would be required to fully remove a silicone-based lubricant such as dielectric grease. Instead, this grease can be removed with a fluorinated solvent.

This product is packaged in re-usable plastic pots, which we find to be easier to work with (and possibly more environmentally friendly) than other containers such as disposable 'toothpaste tubes' and syringes.

This product is packaged by loob.no.

Please ensure that this product is suitable for your intended application before purchasing. Please note that lubricants are measured by weight, not by volume.

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